How to Improve the Appearance of a Home's Sunroom or Patio

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How to Improve the Appearance of a Home's Sunroom or Patio

21 February 2018
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Just having a sunroom or patio right outside your home's family room or dining room doesn't necessarily mean you'll utilize that space, and enjoy lounging there every evening or on the weekend. If a patio or sunroom isn't welcoming and relaxing, you may actually avoid that area, no matter the weather and no matter how much you actually enjoy being outside! To ensure your home's sunroom or patio is welcoming and inviting, note a few tips for improving its overall appearance, and making it a space you'll truly love.

Add some shade

Enjoying the sun is one thing, but having too much hot sunlight on you while you're outside can mean being very uncomfortable on your patio, and even while in your sunroom. In an outdoor space such as a patio or deck, add a ceiling of sorts. This can mean a pergola, outdoor umbrella, or shade sails. Outdoor curtains on the walls of a pergola can provide maximum shade as the sun moves across the sky, and shade sails can also be adjusted as needed to block the sun throughout the day.

In a sunroom, if the space gets too warm and stuffy, use darker screens that block hot sunlight. You can also add sheers to the windowed walls around the sunroom, and these will also keep the space a bit darker and cooler.   

Make the floor comfortable

Some patio pavers and dark timber decking might hold heat throughout the day, making the floor of these spaces very uncomfortable. A rough timber floor in a sunroom can also be unpleasant underfoot, and not very inviting. You can add outdoor rugs to a patio or deck, or paint a timber deck a lighter colour so that it's not so hot. It's also good to add some soft and thick rugs to a sunroom, so that the room's flooring doesn't hold as much heat or cold throughout the year, making it more comfortable and inviting.

Create a nice entryway

If the entryway to your home's outdoor patio or attached sunroom is a bit drab, you may not feel as if that space itself is very welcoming. An unsightly entryway can make the space on either side of that door also feel uncomfortable and unwelcoming, so consider upgrading the actual doorway to the patio or sunroom if needed. French doors can make a space seem more grand and regal, whereas bi-fold doors can open up the space completely, making the entryway seem more welcoming and airy, and encouraging you to enjoy your home's patio or sunroom.