Why Install Skylights and Not Windows?

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Why Install Skylights and Not Windows?

24 September 2021
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On the face of it, skylights and windows both offer the same sort of functionality. They allow you to see out of a room, and they allow light to come in during the day. You may, therefore, think that there is very little to choose between them. However, skylights offer some differences to ordinary windows that you may not have considered. Emphatically, they are not just for rooms where there is no external wall where a window could be fitted. Indeed, these options often work well together in the same setting. What are some of the best reasons to consider installing them?

Enhanced Privacy

To begin with, skylights are fitted into the rooflines of buildings. Whether you are talking about a pitched roof or a flat one, this means that they cannot be seen through as easily by passers-by. In fact, the only way that you would be able to gain a line of sight into a skylight would be if you were higher up. This means that they are suited to many domestic buildings, which are not near any other tall structures. For example, if you want your bathroom's glazing not to have any frosting on it so you can get more light to flood in, then a skylight would be a good option because it would still afford you a high level of privacy without the need for any frosting. Of course, for total privacy, you can always fit ones with integrated blinds.

Change Your Perspective

If all of your glazing units face the same way, then you will only be able to see the same things when you look out of them. In a typical set-up where there are no skylights, you look out of vertically arranged windows. Even with large picture windows, this can be quite limiting. However, with skylights, you have to look above you to see out. This changes your perspective and means more gazing at the sky. People who like to stargaze will find them particularly effective.

Allow For Better Ventilation

Hot air rises. Therefore, if you want to ventilate your home effectively and to allow hot air to escape, the best place to do this is from your roofline, not your walls. When you open a window to aerate your home, you will feel a draught, but hot air can still be trapped inside. With a skylight or two, on the other hand, heat can move directly upwards, thereby keeping you cooler and lowering your expenditure on air-conditioning.