Welcome to our virtual home online. Thank you for not just passing by, but for abiding with us for a while. We hope that this window to the world would:
· reflect faithfully the dreams and values we promote
· give us the opportunity to share with you the way God carried us this far and also to share some of our blessings from above (through our music and written thoughts)
· put us in contact with those of you who would like to join us in sharing the Gospel this way and to those who want to know what their friends are doing or just want to say hello
Please make yourselves at home and stop by whenever you are in the area. Don’t be afraid to be contaminated with the “enthousiastic” virus and pass it on to others.
May the Lord guide you, stop by and dine with you daily.

We plan on having our new CD entitled "Perspective" ready by March - this is an album in Romanian. Due to our limited budget we won't be able to make too many copies the first time. For a donation of $15.00 or more you can make sure, right know, that you will get one. Use the "Donate Now" button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. If you don't have a paypal account, you can still donate using a credit/debit card. In this case, please send us your mailing address so we will know where to send your CD as soon as it's ready. We really appreciate your prayers and support in helping us finish this project and sharing our music for God's glory.
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