Everything You Need To Know About Windows

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Everything You Need To Know About Windows

Many people do not get enthusiastic or excited about the subject of house windows, but I do! Having just renovated my house in Melbourne, I want to share with you my experiences when I replaced the windows in my home. This blog has articles which covers a range of topics, such as replacing older windows, choosing window coverings and all about different glass types. Windows let light and life into your home, so it is essential you make the best choices when your windows need repair or replacing. You do not need to spend hours looking for information about windows because I have already done a tonne of research for you.


Let the Light In: The Benefits of Adding Skylights to Your Home

26 April 2024
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Have you ever considered adding skylights to your home? Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into your living space and can have numerous benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. In this blog post, we will explore the many advantages of installing skylights in your home, from increasing natural light to improving ventilation and energy efficiency.  Increased Natural Light Enhancing your home with skylights offers a clear advantage by amplifying the influx of natural light. Read More …

How Double-Glazed Windows Work

20 December 2023
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When it comes to choosing windows for your home, one of the options you may come across is double-glazed windows. These windows have gained popularity due to their ability to provide excellent insulation and energy efficiency. This blog post will explore how double-glazed windows work and their benefits. What Are Double-Glazed Windows? Double-glazed windows, also known as insulated glazing units (IGUs), consist of two glass panes separated by a space filled with air or gas. Read More …

4 Reasons Why Aluminium Windows Make a Worthwhile Investment

9 May 2022
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While some property owners might opt for UPVC windows, others find aluminium windows more attractive for a good reason. For any home improvement project, exercising proper judgment is paramount since there are high stakes that shouldn't be overlooked. Selecting aluminium windows over other conventional types offers numerous benefits. Read on to learn more about some of them below.  Enhanced Security and Durability  One unparalleled benefit of aluminium windows is durability and anti-corrosion property. Read More …

What Are the Advantages of Double-Glazed Windows and Doors?

17 January 2022
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Double-glazed windows and doors will make your home more comfortable without adding visual clutter. You won't have to install extra heating or cooling units that take up space. The benefits of double glazing are explained in more detail below. Extra Comfort Double glazing works by forming a barrier that hinders heat transfer through the window in both directions. These units are effective in all seasons as they block solar heat from transferring inside in the summer. Read More …

Why Install Skylights and Not Windows?

24 September 2021
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On the face of it, skylights and windows both offer the same sort of functionality. They allow you to see out of a room, and they allow light to come in during the day. You may, therefore, think that there is very little to choose between them. However, skylights offer some differences to ordinary windows that you may not have considered. Emphatically, they are not just for rooms where there is no external wall where a window could be fitted. Read More …