4 Reasons Why Aluminium Windows Make a Worthwhile Investment

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4 Reasons Why Aluminium Windows Make a Worthwhile Investment

9 May 2022
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While some property owners might opt for UPVC windows, others find aluminium windows more attractive for a good reason. For any home improvement project, exercising proper judgment is paramount since there are high stakes that shouldn't be overlooked. Selecting aluminium windows over other conventional types offers numerous benefits. Read on to learn more about some of them below. 

Enhanced Security and Durability 

One unparalleled benefit of aluminium windows is durability and anti-corrosion property. As a result, these windows have excellent longevity. Additionally, aluminium windows have higher weatherproofing qualities. Their moisture endurance makes them ideal for locations that receive high rainfall content. 

The durability of aluminium windows also makes them ideal for high-rise buildings that experience higher wind speeds. Their stability and resistance to higher wind loads provide safety for tall buildings. With proper surface treatment and coatings, aluminium frames can maintain their colour and finish for many years after installation. 

Improved Energy Efficiency 

The quality of your window installation has a significant impact on your commercial or residential property's energy efficiency. With poor window installation, you must keep your AC system running to maintain indoor temperature, resulting in more energy consumption. 

However, installing aluminium windows will considerably enhance your property's thermal performance. Double-glazed aluminium windows are ideal in cold areas that don't receive enough heat from the sun. moreover, their superior thermal insulation minimises heat loss, keeping the indoor temperature at comfortable levels. You don't need to turn up your heater every time, effectively reducing utility bills. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Aluminium features in modern architecture often because of its aesthetic appeal. Generally, powder coating aluminium windows creates stunning customised finishes. Due to aluminium's flexibility, designers can bend it in desired shapes, sizes, and thicknesses according to your preferences.  

Since aluminium is robust and versatile, it is an ideal option for sliding windows and doors. For humid climates, consider investing in aluminium windows. Combining aluminium frames with the best glazing option helps counter moisture problems without affecting its appearance and finish. 

Highly Eco-Friendly

Finally, aluminium can be recycled and reused. That means it's an eco-friendly solution compared to most conventional materials. According to Climate Action, recycling aluminium has a lower carbon footprint and only requires 5% of its primary production energy. If you are environmentally conscious and thinking of eco-friendly solutions for your property, install aluminium windows.

Are you ready to upgrade your home with contemporary windows worth your money? Consider choosing aluminium windows and reap all the benefits discussed above. 

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