What Are the Advantages of Double-Glazed Windows and Doors?

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What Are the Advantages of Double-Glazed Windows and Doors?

17 January 2022
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Double-glazed windows and doors will make your home more comfortable without adding visual clutter. You won't have to install extra heating or cooling units that take up space. The benefits of double glazing are explained in more detail below.

Extra Comfort

Double glazing works by forming a barrier that hinders heat transfer through the window in both directions. These units are effective in all seasons as they block solar heat from transferring inside in the summer. The double glazing also hinders the winter warmth from escaping. The two panes are fitted into the frame with a sealed pocket of air or gas in the middle. This void is difficult for heat to cross, so it tends to stay on one side or the other. As a result, your home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Reduce Energy Costs

Double glazing will help you reduce your energy bills. The extra layer of insulation they provide will let you turn down the heating in winter and the cooling in summer while still keeping your home comfortable. Thus, you'll be buffered, to some extent, from rising energy costs.

Eliminate Condensation

Double-glazed windows and doors also help eliminate condensation from forming on the windows, which can cause unhealthy mould and mildew spots. Condensation forms when warm air in a heated room, for example, comes against a cold window pane in winter. Double glazing prevents condensation as the inner pane is typically kept at room temperature. Conversely, the glass quickly grows cold in a single-pane window if it's cold outside. It will then form condensation as the warmer room temperature hits the window.

Quieter Home

Double glazing can also help make your home quieter and more tranquil, as it's harder for noise to pass through the double unit than a single glass pane. If you live next to a noisy road, double glazing will help muffle and soften the traffic racket. You can also block noise further by inserting laminated glass with acoustic properties into the unit.

Increased Security

Double glazed windows and doors also increase a home's security as two panes are harder for a burglar to get past than one. You could opt for safety glass that is sturdier than standard glass. For example, you could insert toughened or laminated glass into the window. These types of glass are also safer for family and friends as they don't break like standard glass into sharp, pointy shards that can easily cause injuries.

For more information about double-glazed windows, contact a local supplier.