3 Signs You Should Choose Cafe Style Shutters for Your Home

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3 Signs You Should Choose Cafe Style Shutters for Your Home

23 January 2018
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You'll find there are plenty of options when looking for window coverings. You can choose blinds, curtains, or shutters, and there are several options within each main group. The right option for your home really depends on the property's unique characteristics and your own personal styling preferences.

Here are just three signs that your wants and needs point to café style shutters.

1. You Want Maximum Light While Maintaining Privacy

Also known as half-height shutters, café shutters only cover the bottom section of a window. You can still fold them back to provide completely unobstructed views, but they are mostly left in place. Why? Because café style shutters are ideal when you want to let in plenty of light while maintaining your privacy.

You'll often see café style shutters in ground floor windows that look out onto a busy street. They completely block off people's view into the home, but they still let light stream in through the upper windows. And if you ever do want to let more light in, you can always angle the louvres in a way that lets in light without making the interior too visible to passers-by.

2. You Have Bay Windows

Bay windows have turned into a very desirable property feature. They look fantastic, and they provide the ideal place to put a desk or chair that lets you look out onto the world and receives plenty of natural light. The problem is that bay windows are often tricky to cover. Their odd shape and use of multiple panes across a relatively small amount of space means that curtains and blinds are tricky to fit and often end up looking messy.

Café style shutters are the way to go with bay windows. They fit perfectly with the period style, and they cover the window exactly instead of hanging off to either side. The overall impression is neat, simple, and natural.

3. You Want Chic Style

Maybe you don't have bay windows and don't have windows that can be easily looked into from outside. You might simply want to choose café style shutters thanks to their cool appearance – they're the sort of window cover you might expect from a cool Parisian coffee shop. They'll add a touch of bistro chic to a kitchen, dining room, or living room, and you can always treat and paint them to ensure a perfect fit with your home's overall appearance.