How to Fix Three of Your Bifold Closet Doors Issues

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How to Fix Three of Your Bifold Closet Doors Issues

26 January 2018
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Bifold doors are great because they save on space in the bedroom. However, if they are not well maintained, the doors start scraping and sticking, and at times they start binding or refuse to close and open altogether. These are problems which are caused by the door frame being out of alignment. Proper maintenance of a bifold door is the best way to ensure that it gives you service for a long time without breaking down. Here are a few maintenance tips that you will find very useful.

Fixing a dragging bifold door

If your bifold closet door is dragging, one of the two pivots has moved, forcing the door out of its tracks. Start by opening the door and making sure that the guide roller on the upper track is in its place. Look at the pivot pin on the bottom of the door to see whether it is well fixed to the bracket on the floor.  Look at the top pivot pin to see whether the sliding bracket has become lose or slid out of position. Turning the hinge side of the door up or down using the pin will put the door back on its tracks.

Repairing a lose bifold door

A bifold door becomes loose when one of the pivot pins wears off from the seat in the hole. The easiest way to repair a loose door is creating a new home near the old one. Before you drill a new hole, you should fill the old hole with dowel plug and then drill a new hole where the old one was located. If the pin is ruined, replace it before you make the new hole.

Replacing a broken bifold door

Even with the best maintenance, bifold doors can get old and break down completely. If your bifold door has stopped working entirely, it is time to think about replacing the entire unit. The challenge here is to find a door which will perfectly fit the space which your door is currently occupying. Take measurements of the closet and the current door to use as a reference point when you are shopping for a replacement door.

Bifold doors are ideal for indoor spaces because they save on space while at the same time securing your precious items. However, they need proper handling and maintenance so that they can give you long-term service. Consult experts in window and door installation for the best advice and assistance in their installation and servicing.