4 Reasons You Should Tint Your Sliding Doors

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4 Reasons You Should Tint Your Sliding Doors

5 February 2018
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Plenty of homes have large sliding doors, but too few homeowners understand the benefits that come with opting for window tinting for those doors. From lower monthly energy bills to improved home security, sliding door tinting is worth the cost and then some.

Here are just four good reasons why you should consider having those sliding doors tinted.

1. Added Privacy and Security

One of the great things about sliding doors is being able to enjoy uninterrupted views out over your property and the land beyond, especially if your sliding doors happen to be above the ground floor. Unfortunately, other people can see in just as easily as you can see out. In fact, better outward views often make your own property easier to look into. You can enjoy the view without sacrificing privacy by adding window tinting. From the inside, you'll take in those same stunning views. From the outside, only a reflective surface can be seen. That's not just great for privacy – it also enhances home security since potential burglars won't be able to see inside.

2. Cut Down on Glare

While the view from your sliding doors can be great, you'll have to deal with plenty of glare when the sun is shining straight through. This can make sitting in the room to talk, read a book, or watch TV feel unbearable. Far better to add tinting that lets in sunlight but cuts down on the glare. Instead of shielding your eyes or struggling to see the telly, you'll be totally comfortable and relaxed.

3. Protect Your Furniture and Carpet

Sunlight contains plenty of UV rays – those are the things that cause sunburn or even skin cancer when you go outside without wearing any sun tan lotion. What you might not realise is how they affect your furniture and furnishings. From wool carpet to leather armchair, direct sunlight causes fading and premature wear. That's probably something you want to avoid, so it's smart to cut down on UV rays by adding tinting to your sliding doors.

4. Reduce Your Bills

Window tinting reflects light away, so it also helps keep your home cooler. During the summer, running the A/C non-stop can send your energy bills skyrocketing. Your sliding doors aren't much help since they let in so much of the sun and don't provide very effective insulation. Window tints reflect that heat away, so you'll wake up to a cooler home and open up lower energy bills.