Aluminium Frames: Three Simple Tips for Caring for Your Windows

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Aluminium Frames: Three Simple Tips for Caring for Your Windows

6 February 2018
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Aluminium windows are favourable over alternatives because they are stable and durable. They are not easily damaged due to mechanical pressure, and they do not deteriorate in unfavourable conditions, such as high humidity. However, the material is still vulnerable to normal degradation due to weathering and extended usage. Therefore, you must provide appropriate care to ensure the preservation of your windows' beauty, improved performance and a longer lifespan. Here are some tips to get you started on aluminium frame care.

Vacuum and Brush

You should clean the aluminium window framing to prevent the accumulation of dirt and general grime. If you do not wash these surfaces regularly, they will lose their attractive properties, and the metal might become stained and oxidised faster. You can use a stiff brush to clean stubborn layers of dirt. Then, you should vacuum the loose material from the hidden crevices of the window. For the best results, you should also wash the windows periodically with soapy water. The detergent will eliminate oily stains, ensuring optimal window restoration.

Apply an Appropriate Lubricant

You should acquire some lubricant for your aluminium window improvement project. Using a suitable oil product after cleaning can help in preserving the appeal and improving the functionality of the elements. In general, you should have a speciality penetrating oil spray. Apply this fluid on the hinges and springs so that the window will not become stiff with time. This solution is particularly valuable if your windows have been creaking during operation. You should also consider using a silicone lubricating product on the surfaces of the cleaned window frames. This practice will provide a layer of protection against corrosion. In simple terms, the oil will penetrate the metal and form a seal over the pores to prevent accelerated corrosion.

Polish With Wax

Finally, you should use some wax to polish the surfaces of the aluminium windows in your home. Waxing is a valuable practice in numerous housekeeping processes because it ensures protection against external damaging factors. In aluminium maintenance, the wax will provide a shield against moisture and harmful gases. Consequently, the rate of natural wear and weathering will be slowed. Also, the wax can enhance the clean and sleek appearance of aluminium and prevent the fast build-up of filthy grime. Under ideal circumstances, you should choose a speciality wax product which is intended for use on aluminium. However, generic car wax will deliver good results.