3 Things to Consider when Installing Replacement Windows in Your Home

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3 Things to Consider when Installing Replacement Windows in Your Home

5 March 2018
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Whether your windows are old or you just want to freshen up your home with new windows, the process of installing replacement windows is not an easy one. First, you have to choose the right materials and choose a style that complements your home. Since the windows are relatively large fixtures, it is worth giving a lot of consideration to the selection process. This way, you can get windows that improve the curb appeal of your home, increase energy savings, and keep your home safe. Here are three primary factors that you should consider when installing replacement windows for your home.

Explore new window designs

A window replacement project gives you the opportunity to explore new window designs. You don't have to go with the conventional plain glass for your home. While you may not be able to change the window's architectural design, you can choose glass that gives your house a fresh look. Consider new, modern styles that add visual appeal and improve your home's aesthetics. For example, stained, tinted, frosted, and etched windows are excellent options for your house. When choosing stained glass, go for colours that match the rest of your home's palette.

Also, as you choose new glass, consider its energy efficiency. You can go for double glazed windows as they help in preventing heat loss and reducing energy costs.

Consider your hardware options

Hardware is equally as important as the glass you choose for your windows. It includes the locks, handles, hinges and bolts. You may want to keep hardware from the old windows or buy new fixtures. If going for new ones, make sure that they are of high quality and their finishing complements the rest of the window. Quality hardware will determine how breakable the window is, and this will improve or deteriorate the security of your home. Consider security devices such as restrictors to increase the functionality of your windows.

Repair your frames

There is no point in installing new windows on old framing that's worn or chipped. Before replacing your windows, inspect the existing framing for signs of damage. Since most frames are made of wood, make sure that there is no water damage to the material. Also, look out for signs of mould growth on the timber. If the wood is old, replace it with new framing to maximise the performance and lifespan of your new windows. Also, new framing will prevent heat loss and increase energy savings in the home.

Finally, don't forget to hire an experienced contractor for the installation project if you want your windows to deliver on performance and aesthetics.