3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Glass Door for Your Patio

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Glass Door for Your Patio

15 March 2018
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There is no better way to connect your interior and exterior spaces than by installing a glass door that leads to the patio area. Glass adds visual appeal to the house and makes the patio look like an extension of the rest of the home. A glass door that opens to your garden creates a breathtaking view that increases the curb appeal of your home. If you are thinking about installing a new door that leads to the patio, consider going for glass due to these benefits. However, before making a choice, there are a few considerations that you need to make to ensure that the new door adds visual appeal to the home and delivers on functionality.

Consider the door design

Just because you are installing a glass door, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't consider its design. In this case, you need to determine whether you want a sliding or bi-fold door. Sliding glass doors are great if you need to limit the amount of space occupied by the door. They are an ideal option for homes where there isn't much room on the patio to accommodate a swinging door. On the other hand, bi-fold doors are suitable for large spaces, and they add style and elegance to the home. You can open the doors partially or entirely to provide access to the patio and garden.

Both sliding and bi-fold glass doors are ideal options for your home. Use your personal preference and the space available to determine the most suitable choice between the two.

Think about the other decor

Your patio door should blend seamlessly with other fixtures in the home, such as the windows. Its design should coordinate with the rest of the interior and exterior décor. So, as you choose the best material for the door accessories and fixtures, have this in mind. However, this should not limit you when selecting glass designs for the door. Only make sure that the finishing and colours blend or complement the rest of the home so that the door won't look out of place.

Consider energy efficiency

It is almost impossible to talk about doors and windows without thinking about energy efficiency. Any fixture that can cause air to leak out of your home has the potential of increasing your energy bills. As you install new glass doors, think about their energy rating. Go for double-glazed glass to improve the door's energy efficiency and reduce heat loss in the home. You can also buy low-E glass, which reflects back most of the sun's radiation during the summer and keeps the indoor environment cool.

Find a reputed contractor to take you through the available glass options in the market, help you choose the best door one for your patio, and carry out the installation.