Why You Should Consider Security Shutters If You're Trying to Add Value to Your Home

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Why You Should Consider Security Shutters If You're Trying to Add Value to Your Home

22 June 2018
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Are you looking at your finances from a big-picture perspective? Are you trying to work out how you can increase your assets significantly over the years ahead? If so, it's likely that you are looking at your house as a major part of your portfolio and are trying to figure out how you can increase the equity that it represents. There are many different ways that you can add value, but perhaps one of the simplest and more cost effective is to add security shutters. Why is this such a good idea?

Good Protection Builds Value Anyway

If you don't have any significant protection at home, you really should consider adding security shutters anyway, regardless of any value addition. Most break-ins are opportunistic, and the criminals typically tend to come in through the window, so adding shutters would be a good idea. Remember, if it looks as if it's going to take a long time to get in, most thieves will just go on to the next place.

Apart from that, however, a prospective new buyer would certainly note the presence of shutters, and this could spur them to make an offer. For your projections, this would likely add an amount to your home value if it's being assessed by lenders.

Standing Up to Weather

If you live in a part of Australia that is prone to bad weather, you should consider protecting your investment by adding shutters. They will help to keep out high winds and flying debris and provide some protection from hail, as well. Once again, this would provide buyers some peace of mind, but most importantly you will be able to retain the value should a big storm hit, rather than losing money to repairs.

Tackling Noise Pollution

You can also use shutters to provide a barrier of sorts, helping to keep noise pollution in its place. This would be particularly useful if you live next to a railroad or major highway and would be seen as an additional selling point for prospects. Yet again, this should add intrinsic value to the home when you get it professionally appraised.

Seeing What's Right for You

You have a wide range of shutters to choose from and are sure to be able to find a style that matches your place. Have a word with contractors so that you can get a quote for shutter installation and help to build your overall nest egg.