What Your Security Door Closers Should Look Like in 2018

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What Your Security Door Closers Should Look Like in 2018

5 October 2018
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Door closers are an important part of your security doors. They prevent large and bulky doors from slamming shut and possibly injuring users. For many years, door closers have been large, unsightly, and difficult to use. And despite the presence of many different mounting styles, most closers still remain susceptible to damage over time.

Thanks to modern design features, you can now give your security door closers a facelift. Not only can you maintain a smooth closing motion for your security doors, but you can also make them appear stylish on your premises.

Here are new trends in door closer designs and the additional functionalities that you should be aware of.

1. Easy installation on multiple parts of the door

Previous door closers were usually surface-mounted, concealed in frame or concealed in the floor/door. In 2018, you can get a universally mountable door closer. This means that the closer can be mounted on any part of the door to provide a uniform and clean appearance. The universal design is also much easier and quicker to install. You can choose a common theme for all the doors in your business.

2. An adjustable spindle

The most common challenge with door closers has been correctly adjusting the spindle to achieve the right closing motion. Newer door closers have a removable spindle that can also be adjusted to multiple heights.

With proper adjustment of this innovative spindle during installation, you can set your doors to close with just the right motion in your premises. Set slower closing speeds to prevent people from being slammed by the door, or set faster closing speeds for sensitive rooms within your business.

3. A discreet, stylish look

Newer door closers can be mounted in a manner than allows for both pull and push mounting on the same door. This means that users can easily open doors in your premises more conveniently, while you maintain a stylish look in your premises. You no longer need to struggle just to swing your doors open.

These new devices are also user friendly, with adjustable opening forces. The final result is a discreet, stylish look.

4. Easily upgradable sizes and technologies

If you're looking to change the appearance and functionality of all your door closers, these newer models are a must-have. Because they're flexible in functionality, you can easily mount each door closer in the same position for uniformity.

You may also choose to adjust the closer to a unique position from the hinge of specific doors. Swapping out a specific device is quick and easy, meaning that you can upgrade sizes and designs as you see fit.