Four Rooms That Benefit From Window Film

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Four Rooms That Benefit From Window Film

26 September 2019
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While windows open up your home to the outside, making it brighter and more pleasant, they can also be your home's Achilles heel. They can allow UV radiation to enter and reduce the privacy of your haven. Window film enables you to deal with issues such as these. Here are four rooms that can benefit from window film.


Bathrooms are often not particularly spacious, and large windows help to rectify this, opening up a bathroom so that it appears larger. However, privacy can then become an issue. Window film provides an ideal solution. Select from smooth frosted films or a range of decorative effects. Geometric and angled patterns, gradients or cut-glass effects are several of the available options, allowing you to harmonise the film with the decor. While providing privacy, these films let light flow through to maintain the brightness of the space. You can thus construct your window to be as broad and luxurious as you please while maintaining the room's seclusion.

Living Areas

Expansive windows and glass doors in living areas open your home to the great outdoors, but they also allow solar radiation to bake the inside atmosphere during summer. Direct sunlight also heats furnishings and flooring, which absorb the radiation and emit heat. As a result, your air conditioner works overtime to counteract these effects. Window coatings can block UV rays and heat, so your home will be more comfortable and your cooling bills will be lower. Solar films contain a dye or reflective metal that absorbs or reflects radiation.

Home Offices

A bright, well-lit office creates a professional, functional space, but glare can cause problems with the visibility of computer screens. To lessen the glare, fix window film to soften the light. A range of tints in greys, bronzes and blues are also available to provide a sleek look and control light transmission. You will be less tired from eyestrain, and your productivity will increase as a result.


A bright, spacious bedroom creates a comfortable sanctuary where you can relax, especially when decorated with sumptuous curtains, throw rugs and linens. However, direct sunlight can fade and discolour your luxurious fabrics and furniture, ruining their brilliance. Not only will this affect the richness of your decor, but it will also cost you money as you will have to replace these items sooner than you otherwise would. In addition, you can update the entire ambience of the room by merely applying a beautiful decorative film.