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Many people do not get enthusiastic or excited about the subject of house windows, but I do! Having just renovated my house in Melbourne, I want to share with you my experiences when I replaced the windows in my home. This blog has articles which covers a range of topics, such as replacing older windows, choosing window coverings and all about different glass types. Windows let light and life into your home, so it is essential you make the best choices when your windows need repair or replacing. You do not need to spend hours looking for information about windows because I have already done a tonne of research for you.


Outdoor Blinds Vs Weather: How Outdoor Blinds Stop the Weather

28 May 2021
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Outdoor blinds protect both windows and outdoor areas such as gazebos and decks. If the weather sometimes prevents you from enjoying your living spaces comfortably, outdoor blinds are the ideal solution. With the installation of outdoor blinds, you and your home will have the protection you need to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather. Outdoor blinds work against the weather to help you in the following ways. Create shade on hot days Read More …

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Window Installation Project

11 March 2021
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Windows are essential in letting in natural light and fresh air into your home. But to get the most out of your windows, you should observe timely repairs and regular maintenance. That helps to increase the windows' efficiency and lifespan. However, your windows will eventually need to be replaced. When the time comes to install new windows, you need to do various things to ease and speed up the process. Here are a few ways to prepare for your window installation project:  Read More …

5 Factors to Consider When Sourcing for Aluminium Windows for Your Home

14 December 2020
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When renovating or building a new home, windows become crucial in your project's overall design and budget. There are different, high-quality window models on the market, such as Schüco windows, that can help you achieve desired results. Among them, aluminium stands out as a material of choice for your project. Here are five factors to consider that will help you make an informed decision when sourcing for the best aluminium windows Read More …

4 Reasons Window Tinting Is an Incredible Home Improvement Practice

22 September 2020
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If you always thought that only sports car windows should be tinted, you have it wrong. Actually, window tinting is a fantastic home improvement idea you should invest in today. When you tint the windows of your home, you stand to enjoy several benefits. Window tinting has become a common practice in most homes and other commercial apartments. If the windows of your home aren't tinted, see why you should get an expert to tint them today. Read More …

Why Install Sliding Patio Doors with a Recessed Bottom Rail?

29 June 2020
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The sliding doors you use as a gateway to your patio can enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space from both an internal and external perspective. While some people install doors with a traditional track system, you can also use products that work with a recess at the base. How do these doors work and what are the benefits of using them? How Do Recessed Sliding Doors Work? Traditional sliding doors sit on a track on the floor. Read More …