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Many people do not get enthusiastic or excited about the subject of house windows, but I do! Having just renovated my house in Melbourne, I want to share with you my experiences when I replaced the windows in my home. This blog has articles which covers a range of topics, such as replacing older windows, choosing window coverings and all about different glass types. Windows let light and life into your home, so it is essential you make the best choices when your windows need repair or replacing. You do not need to spend hours looking for information about windows because I have already done a tonne of research for you.


3 Signs You Should Choose Cafe Style Shutters for Your Home

23 January 2018
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You'll find there are plenty of options when looking for window coverings. You can choose blinds, curtains, or shutters, and there are several options within each main group. The right option for your home really depends on the property's unique characteristics and your own personal styling preferences. Here are just three signs that your wants and needs point to cafĂ© style shutters. 1. You Want Maximum Light While Maintaining Privacy Read More …